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The Original B-Boy Shirt

Illustration for article titled The Original B-Boy Shirt

Shown in hip-hop heather grey, this Woot shirt will set you back $10 in money, but delivers a wealth of dance-battle cred.


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Not a big fan of Woot right now. My shirt was in the running to win the most recent derby when it was rejected at the last moment.


The comment from the rejector was that my artwork was not original, implying that I plagiarized it. I didn't plagiarize anything, and I don't appreciate the stab at my integrity as a designer and creative individual. They could have at least checked with me or done some research before writing something like that. Not cool Woot, not cool at all.

On topic, that's an awesome shirt, despite the fact that the [shirt.woot] derbies are often overrun by Mario references.