There's a moment in Tomb Raider where you get a crucial piece of gear required to finish the game. But a bug that can screw things up the first time you try to use the Rope Ascender is stopping some people from progressing through Tomb Raider. Lara needs to get that crate to slam through the deck of the ship to get to her objective. But the crates aren't moving the way they're supposed to. I didn't encounter the bug seen here but it sure would've pissed me off if I ran into it.

Thankfully, eagle-eyed TR players have spotted a workaround. The solution requires you to force a glitch and fall through the hatch where the crates are supposed to smash into. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the bug to work but once it does, you should be able to go ahead to the next thing you're supposed to do. Hopefully, there's a patch coming through for this issue.


(Thanks, tipster Josh!)

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