We're quite confident that this trailer for PC real-time strategy Stalin vs. Martians is the only game trailer ever to feature a techno-dancing Joseph Stalin.

We've spoken about Stalin vs. Martians in the past. Subtitled "The Unknown Pages of the Second World War", it delivers just what it promises...the Russian army facing off against Martians, culminating in a massive battle in which Stalin is depicted as "a huge colossus, five times higher than any other creature. Just like it was in the real life."


But won't the Russians be offended? The developers get around this particular snag by actually being Russian. In fact, all three development companies that have worked on the game - Black Wing Foundations, Dreamlore, and N-Game Studios - hail from Russia, so it's perfectly fine for them to make Stalin techno-dance if they so choose.

As for the game itself, it's an obviously tongue-in-cheek arcade-style real-time strategy for the PC, with power-ups, coin collection, and speedy reinforcements making it the type of game anyone could play. For more information, check out the game's newly revamped website. For now, I command you to dance.

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