You know what would make Magikarp more amazing? No, not a mega evolution. We already have that. Magikarp should have a Primal Reversion in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Yes, I know that's an absurd idea...but think about it. Previous descriptions for Magikarp have hinted that it used to be stronger in ancient times, as Reddit user SAMUROTT48 notes:

Sure enough, older Pokedex entries we've highlighted before say something similar—take a look at Magikarp's description in Leaf Green:

Given that Primal Reversion reverts 'mon back to their prehistoric forms, I think Magikarp would make a great candidate for this new type of evolution! Sure, ancient Magikarp probably wasn't significantly more powerful than present-day Magikarp. But who cares? A Primal Reversion Magikarp would be funny, and that's all that matters to me. I would legitimately use Magikarp in battle against other people if it meant I could transform it into a pseudo-menacing beefed up version of itself.


game freak pls

If Game Freak actually does this, I will be stunned. I mean, they didn't take my ridiculous suggestion to make Pokemon #666 something awesome—and if anything gets a Primal Reversion, it will probably be Gyarados, Magikarp's evolution. But ah, one can dream~

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