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What would I change about Resident Evil 5's PlayStation Move controls? I'd stop staring at Sheva so much.

Brian Ashcraft and Stephen Totilo have already played Resident Evil 5 with Sony's new Move controller, and for the most part I agree with their conclusions: It does feel better than the standard controller, with only one minor issue keeping the controls from being perfect.


The control scheme has the player holding the PlayStation Move controller in the right hand and the thumb stick controller in the other. In order to shoot, you have to pull the trigger on the Move, aim with the ball, and then fire with the main Move button. This works for many folks, but it doesn't quite work for me.

As a first-person shooter player, I have gotten far too used to the left-trigger focus mechanic employed in so many shooters these days. Pulling the left trigger aims down the sights, and pulling the right trigger shoots. It's what comes natural to me.

When I pull the left trigger - the thumb stick controller trigger - in Resident Evil 5, the camera swings to my partner, Sheva. Playing through two demo levels during Gamescom, I can't count how many times I meant to open fire but instead found myself staring at Sheva getting eaten by the infected.


After fifteen minutes or so I paused the game, checking to see if I could perhaps tweak the settings, making the controls work for me. Changing the firing mechanic was not an option. We ever pulled aside a German guy who could read the menus - no dice.

So if anyone at Capcom is listening, please see about making this change in time for the Move to release. It's a small tweak that would make the Move the perfect controller for Resident Evil 5 on the PlayStation 3.


If the change isn't made, I might be forced to play some game I haven't already gone through several times, and no one wants that.

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