The latest One Piece manga is out in the new issue of Weekly Jump. And in the above image from the magazine, there is what looks like an artist mistake. Try spotting it. Go on. Do it.

Here's the full image,.

[Photo: onepiecesokuhou]

For those who weren't able to notice the mistake, Twitter user Takumi created this explanation (below), which has been retweeted over 9,500 times.


Here's an arrow in case you still cannot see it.

That's right, Usopp's bicycle is, oddly, disjointed. The bicycle doesn't have a frame. That's because pirates don't need bicycle frames.


But hey, no biggie! With One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda's grueling schedule, mistakes are bound to happen.

Top photo: Xo_b_s_c_u_r_eX

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