The Official StarCraft II Beta FAQ Answers Your Every Question*

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*Well, almost every question, as the final StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty release date and the system specs required to play the StarCraft II multiplayer beta on PC are missing. But if you have other questions, Blizzard's FAQ has answers.

Almost everything you'll need to know about the StarCraft II beta, arriving this month, and the massive changes to are now online in handy FAQ form.


Burning questions like "How do I use my BlizzCon beta code?" are answered (Use it on the beta sign-up page.) as are details about what you'll be able to play during the multiplayer beta (Multiplayer ladder quick matches in 1v1, 2v2, and free-for-all (FFA) modes and unranked matches, but no single-player).

Just about everything you'll need to get up to speed on this month's beta is here.

StarCraft II Beta FAQ []

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Ok, but it still looks like a remake with little actual evolution to me. It is not my intention to troll, it is just my genuine impression. I mean, a bunch of new units and better graphics? Meh

It is okay if they focus on catering to their faithful fanbase, but they will probably waste a lot of potential in the process. A pity.