The Official Oreo iPhone Game Isn't Nearly as Bad as It Should Be

The rise of mobile phone games has done wonders for the normally dark and seedy world of advergaming. With Oreo Twist, Lick, Dunk, PikPok has created an interactive advertisement I've actually wanted to play more than once.

The setup is pretty simple: Oreo cookies fly into the air. One swipe twists the tops off. The second swipe licks the cream and combines the parts into a bigger cookie. The third dunks it into a glass of milk. The player has 60 seconds to get the highest score possible. You know, for the leaderboards.


What's nifty about the game is that there are 20 varieties or Oreo to unlock, from Doublestuff to some of the more exotic brands. Each comes with a short description, giving fans of the brand some insight into the machinations of Nabisco's insane cookie craftsmen.

And hey, I just earned a free Amazon MP3 download for unlocking an achievement. That's pretty neat.

I just wish the game, itself an ad, wouldn't have ads at the bottom. It's like Adception up in here.

Oreo Twist, Lick, Dunk [iTunes]

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