The OFFICIAL Number of Times Kenny's Died in South Park

In its early years, fans knew South Park as the show that repeatedly killed off one of its main characters, Kenny. It was such a common and prevalent trope that the phrase "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" became synonymous with the show.


Fans have tried to tally-up the total Kenny-deaths shown in the South Park series, but everyone seemed to have a different opinion on what should count. But we can finally put all of this to rest as the show's creators published their official figures on the macabre subject on their blog.

  • In total Kenny was killed or shown as being dead 97 times across 86 different episodes of 247 episodes.
  • For the first five seasons Kenny died a lot: 78 times in 79 episodes. Later seasons have been lighter on the joke, typically showing between one and three deaths.
  • The show's creators got multi-cultural with the gag using four different languages (English, Spanish, Farsi and Japanese) for the iconic reaction phrase.
  • Having Kenny crushed or trampled is a disproportionately method of killing of the character with 22 scenes. The next closest type is death by gunshot at 13.

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