The Oculus Rift Might Be The Future Of Video Games. Here's What Its Insides Look Like.

Illustration for article titled The Oculus Rift Might Be The Future Of Video Games. Heres What Its Insides Look Like.

Against all the odds, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset could emerge in the coming months to be the most exciting new peripheral in video games. And that's even when you get bad flashbacks to the early 90s and VR's prior failings.


Those curious to see just what makes the headgear tick, well, here you go: ifixit have got their hands on a developer kit and disassembled it, tying the parts to a rock so the vultures can feast on them.


Oculus Rift Teardown [ifixit]

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I recently saw this video. I think it's pretty kickass! I'd definitely want to play DooM3 with this virtually-augmented reality. The best part is that you can actually see yourself in the game and the proper headtracking is just awesome to peek around corners and stuff. I hope to see a hardware come out soon like this: