The Oculus Rift Makes Minecraft a Giant, Blocky Head Trip

Minecraft players seem to have no problem immersing themselves in Mojang's blocky little world with their naked eyes. Add the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to the mix and things just get crazy.


On his YouTube channel inthelittlewood, Martyn shows us how exploring, basic material gathering and survival games against other players work with the headset on. It looks dizzyingly entertaining.

I can't wait to see how he reacts to riding a Minecraft rollercoaster. More, please.

Minecraft Oculus Rift Mod! (Minecrift + Gameplay) [YouTube]

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Can someone please answer this for me? I'm genuinely curious.

Why in every video I've seen showcasing the oculus rift do they have to show the split screen gameplay? I get that it's 3D and supa dupa cool and all that, but I feel like I have ADD and freak out that I can't focus on both screens at the exact same time unless I get an inch away from the screen (I haven't done that). I know it's the same thing on both screens, I know, but still… Is that just one of those "well, that's how it is" scenarios that I'll just have to stop being a whiney little whiner about?

*edit for clarity* I'm talking specifically about when someone makes a video to showcase the oculus rift, I know how the device works, but it would seem to be an easy video edit to I dunno, section out half of the video for the sake of putting it up on the interwebs.