Illustration for article titled The Number One Location For Portable Gaming Is... Home

A new survey of portable gamers has revealed that for the most part "portable" can be defined as "will work on the toilet or in bed". Around 79% of iPhone, DS and PSP owners surveyed by NPD Group said that they use their portable device in the home more than any other location. Researchers found that iPhone, DS and PSP owners are playing on their devices much more in the last three months than at any time previously adding that "Among iPhone users specifically, the application with the greatest increase in use over the last three months was playing games." The survey also found that 92% of Nintendo DS owners play solo, spending an average of 4.6 hours a week in single player games. Just under a quarter of DS owners play multiplayer games - they clearly need to get out more. Portable Gaming Habits Revealed [EDGE]

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