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We may earn a commission from links on this page

The Northwest U-Turn

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Northwest U-Turn | My flight home took me to Eugene, Ore. by way of Seattle. Here is a view from my window. I thought that was Mount St. Helens at the middle, but now I am not so sure. (Update: Many readers have said it is in Oregon, and it is the Three Sisters peaks) (Photo: Owen Good)


Duke Nukem Forever Appears to Be A Full-Priced Mess

Some time on Saturday, as I was playing Duke Nukem Forever on my Xbox 360, I realized that in all the conversations I've had with people from Gearbox Software—the company that heroically salvaged this game from it's decade-plus sink toward oblivion—no one ever said this game would be wonderful. More »


Star Trek Sets its Phaser for Thrill

So, yes, I saw the Phaser. The PlayStation Move attachment showed off to oohs and aahs at Sony's E3 press conference is, indeed, a beautiful thing. More importantly, so is the game that's arriving with it. More »

Facing the Lockout, Madden and NFL Fans Seek a Common Refuge

At E3 this week, the sight I was least prepared for was that of Ray Lewis in full Baltimore Ravens uniform: eye-black, skullcap, gloves, wristbands, everything. This was an appearance for Madden NFL 12 but to him, it didn't look like it was for show. Lewis looked ready to play right there, ready to go in the two seconds it would have taken to strap on his helmet, clenched by the facemask in his left fist. More »


Molyneux Disowns Fable E3 Demonstration as a "Horrendous Mistake"

The E3 news conference demonstration for Fable: The Journey, the Kinect-enabled next entry in the role-playing franchise, was objectively speaking a flop. The series' creator himself says so, because The Journey left the impression this was a rail-shooter spinoff, and now everyone's in damage control. More »


South Park Presses Square for Doubt on L.A. Noire

Fresh from the vivisection they performed on EA Sports and Peter Moore (which Moore himself quoted on our Twitter feed Thursday), the kids of South Park turned their attention to L.A. Noire in Thursday night's episode, in which Stan battles chronic cynicsm—aka "Internet commenter's syndrome." More »


Crecente, Totilo, Joel, Epstein and Drew all took off at 2 p.m. on Friday. Photog Isaac Viel and I joined them at the airport even though our flight wasn't until 5:15. It took longer for us to get from L.A. to Eugene than it did for the others to get to New York. –Owen Good

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