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Despite the fact they were on match-point with a comfortable lead, you could feel everything going wrong for Team Liquid the moment they endured this 1v5 AWP massacre at the hands of a lone enemy sniper.


With the entire Liquid team rushing through the apartments on Mirage, seemingly on their way to an unexpected first-map victory in the MLG Counter-Strike major semifinal, Luminosity’s Marcelo “coldzera” David stopped them dead in their tracks. Lurking at the end of the hall, below a window, he met their bull rush head-on with some of the fastest, deadliest AWP sniper-rifle play of the entire week.

Coldzera picked-apart Team Liquid in between bunny-hops and helped Luminosity come back from the dead to deny Liquid a first-map victory that seemed all but assured. It proved a sign of things to come, as Liquid blew another massive lead on Cache.


Top photo: Coldzera at IEM Katowice, by Patrick Strack for ESL. Source

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