The Nintendo Switch's Logo Is Not Symmetrical, And Arrrrgghhh

Games artist David Hellman pointed this out on Twitter over the weekend. I will never unsee it, and I’m not sure how I’m going to reconcile this over the years to come.


As someone who craves order in my product and logo design I was already uneasy about the two dots not being symmetrical, but could live with that because they’re in the logo to represent the stick placement on the Switch’s controllers.

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But the halves themselves? This no accident, and it is both infuriating and, reluctantly, a little impressive. The logo as it is looks symmetrical even though it’s not, but when you go and actually make it symmetrical:

It looks all messed up.

Well played, everyone involved.

For more on the Switch than just its wonky-ass logo, remember that the console is getting its proper debut this week. The event is on January 12 at 11pmET/8pmPT, and we’ll be covering live right here.


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This is their current logo. They don’t care about your symmetry. At all.