The Nintendo Switch Will Cost $300, Charging For Online Play

Nintendo just announced the final release date and price for the Switch. The company’s new home console/handheld hybrid will cost $300 and will be released on March 3 in the US. It will also be region free!

Online play will be free for everyone until the Fall, after which Nintendo will begin charging for the service.


It will also be out on the same day in Canada, Japan, “Major European countries”, Hong Kong and “other territories”.

Here’s what will be included inside every Switch box:

And there will be two versions of the console available at launch, one with the red & blue controller combo, one with grey. Both will cost the same ($300).


If you want to buy any of this separately, well, it’s going to cost you.

A pair of Joy-Con controllers will be $80, the Pro Controller is $70, half a Joy-Con (you can buy the L or R sides individually) will be $50 and a spare dock (if you want to use it on a second TV) will be $90. A new charging handle thing for your Joy-Cons will be $30.


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