Well, not you, but your character. Upcoming Nintendo published role-playing game The Last Story allows avatars to get down to their skivvies.

Last Story designer and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi said at a Tokyo press conference that this addition was something he definitely wanted to do.


By stripping down Last Story hero Elza to his underwear, players can send him through the streets in just his underpants, leading to some saucy in-game double entendres, complete with crotch shots. While it is possible to dress all playable characters in their underwear, Sakaguchi only showed Elza.

The Last Story will be released on the Wii next January in Japan.

THE LAST STORY プレゼンテーション中継 on USTREAM: 新作RPG「THE LAST STORY」の物語の設定やバトルシステムの特徴など、ディレクター坂口博信が自らご紹介します。 [USTREAM]

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