The Nintendo Download: Oh Snap

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There are only 19 games coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next week, but don’t be sad. One of them is New Pokémon Snap, another is R-Type Final 2, and none of them is sexy anime mah-jong.


Actually, I can’t guarantee that none of this week’s releases are sexy mah-jong, but I’m pretty sure. There is a dragon dating sim, a black-and-white 2D adventure, and a pocket monster voyeur simulator, so anything is possible.

I just hope this week’s low numbers aren’t the start of a downward trend. I don’t know what I’d do if Nintendo stopped shoveling games into the eShop like coal into a hungry train engine every week.

Here’s this week’s stuff:

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No sexy mahjong? I may as well throw my Switch into the river, because it’s useless now.

I think I’ll wait for reviews and some playthroughs before getting the New Pokemon Snap. Dunno the longevity of games like that, but I’ve always been interested since the original game, minus all the horrible crimes against animals you have to do.

But hey, if they ever make sexy Pokemon mahjong, sign me up.