Illustration for article titled The Nintendo Download In 3D: Dolphins, Diaries, And Destiny

Nintendo fans don't have to wait for the 3DS for a little 3D gaming. This week's Nintendo download's got dolphin pets, an interactive diary, and Magical Destiny, with no special glasses required.


WiiWare gets the short end of the magic wand in this week's Nintendo Download, with just one title: Shanblue Interactive's Magic Destiny, an interactive astrology tool that lets players tell the future via seashells, numerology, tarot cards, palmistry and fortune cookies, in the bedroom.

The DSi scores four new games, though games might be stretching it a little in the case of Nnooo's myDiary. Yes, the creators of myNotebook have branched out into the personal journal business, and everyone that was using the various myNotebook apps as a diary will now be forced to upgrade.


Did you know there were all-star air hockey players? Oh, the things you learn in the Nintendo Download gallery below.

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