The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Years Old Today

[Image: Evan Amos | Wiki | Twitter]
[Image: Evan Amos | Wiki | Twitter]

On June 23, 1996, the Nintendo 64 first went on sale in Japan. Twenty years ago! Think about that.


Facing off against Sony’s PlayStation, the Nintendo 64, which was the last major home console to use cartridges and which came with a unique controller, would see iconic and influential games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and GoldenEye 007, among many others.

Thanks for the memories and the games!

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The smallest library of games and a major loss of market ground to the Playstation is offset by some of the greatest games ever.

The Nintendo 64 is Mario 64, its OoT and Majora’s mask, it’s Mario Kart 64, it’s the good Mario Party games. It’s the birthplace of Paper Mario, and of Smash Brothers. The Entire N64 library from Rare. It was a console that proppeled a new age of gaming. (ironoacly one where Nintendo wasn’t/isn’t very popular among the core gamer base)

It plays host to better Pokemon console games. It introduced 4 player action to consoles (now a standard) it introduced the controle stick. And it showed the world how to 3D.

The Nintendo 64 is a pinnacle of gaming history. A gentle old soul whose exterior (and it’s games graphics) look old, dated and worse for wear. But it’s legacy and it’s importance stands the test of time. I could sing the praises of the Nintendo 64 all day.

All hail the mighty multiplayer machine. All hail the standard for 3D. all hail the last mighty defender of the console cartridge. Maybe I’ll pop in some F-Zero today.