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The Next Star Wars Game Is... A Free-To-Play Online Space Game

Video game publisher Electronic Arts might have the rights to make real Star Wars games, but Disney is still milking that social/mobile/free-to-play online cow. Today they officially announced Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, an online space game set in the iconic sci-fi universe.


To quote Disney: "Star Wars : Attack Squadrons is a free-to-play online space combat game where players customize iconic Star Wars ships and engage in high-velocity 16 player dogfights in fabled Star Wars locations."

You can sign up for the beta here. They're still using the LucasArts logo, which is very sad. RIP LucasArts.


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Games like these are a waste of time. Candy Crush is a waste if time.
War of Warcraft is a waste of time.
(How old is WOW? Do people really play this game doing the same think again again? On a different map, with different character costumes? For 5 years for a monthly fee?)

I hate when people live their life inside a game.
Games should be a experience like a movie or a book.
A game should have a ending.
You move on to the next thing.
Idk why people waste so much time and money on them.

Anyways IDK what ima saying, Rant over.

P.S. Free to play is stupid (F2P = do the same thing again and again and again) , lets stick with demos please.