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The Next Generation Of Mobile Graphics Is Here, And It's Amazing.

Illustration for article titled The Next Generation Of Mobile Graphics Is Here, And Its Amazing.

You may remember Ira, the facial rendering demo Nvidia used to show off the power of the latest desktop graphics technology. He's even more impressive when he's running on Project Logan, Nvidia's Kepler-powered next-generation mobile processor. These are mobile graphics. Damn.


Demonstrated this week during the SIGGRAPH show in Anaheim, California, Project Logan brings the CUDA-capable graphics technology that desktop and laptop customers have been enjoying for the past year to mobile devices. The GPU inside Logan is a major milestone in mobile computing, an incredibly powerful and power-efficient graphics solution, with support for OpenGL 4.4, OpenGL ES 3.0 and DirectX 11.


In layman's terms, it's pretty freaking awesome. Just look.

And look here as well.

That's the future right there. It'll surely displace the Tegra chip, the fourth iteration of which is rolling out later this month in Nvidia's Shield handheld. Seems obsolescence has a head start.

You can read all about the evolution of mobile graphics coming in Project Logan over at Nvidia's blog. I'm just going to sit here and bask in the future.

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Pretty impressive if you ask me. I've always been a fan of handhelds. My 3ds and vita get alot of love from me these days since I can just lay in bed and play when I'm tired from work. i think this could be the final straw in the life of dedicated handhelds through.. I can see nintendo making a new ds after the 3ds because they are stubborn and so out of touch with what consumers want lately.. It will fail. The same thing could happen to Sony. I mean we all knew this would happen eventually..