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The Next Far Cry Will Go To The Stone Age [UPDATE]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

UPDATE (10/6/15, 12:12pm): It’s official: the next Far Cry is Far Cry Primal, and it’ll be set in prehistoric times—although it’s actually in the Stone Age, directly after the Ice Age. (Sorry for the mix-up.) It’ll be out February 23, 2016.

Original article follows:

At around 12pm today, Ubisoft put up a livestream of a cave painting and promised exciting news. Five hours later, over 11,000 people are still watching that cave painting, with no news in sight.


Fortunately, you’ve got Kotaku. The announcement will be for a game called Far Cry Primal and it’ll be set in the Ice Age, according to sources familiar with goings-on at Ubisoft. Expect to see woolly mammoths, tigers, and other prehistorical animals. Maybe tribal combat using bows and spears. Probably no dinosaurs, but who knows?

I first heard that Ubisoft was making a prehistoric Far Cry game earlier this year, but details were sparse until today, when I heard specifics on the name and theme. An inadvertent leak from IGN Turkey corroborated that it’s called Far Cry Primal. As of this post’s publication, the livestream is still a cave painting.


This will likely be an “off-year” Far Cry not unlike Blood Dragon, with Far Cry 5 to come in the distant future.

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