The Next Best Thing To Flying In World Of Warcraft: Legion

Players can’t initially fly in World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion, but once they’ve reached level 110 and made a few friends they can at least call a flying cab.


The Flight Master’s Whistle is an item players receive upon completing a relatively easy level 110 faction quest, Uniting the Isles. Once you’re friendly with all five main Broken Isles factions you unlock World Quests and are awarded a whistle that will summon an instant ride from wherever you are in-game (outdoors, I imagine) to the nearest static flight point on the map.

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Blizzard’s decision to barricade the ability to use flying mounts in the new zones behind an extensive series of exploration and faction-grinding tasks, something introduced after the uproar over the lack of flying in the previous expansion, is fine by me. I love the tension and excitement of exploring the new lands without knowing I can fly to safety at any given minute. But it is nice to know Broll Bearmantle and I can always thumb a ride home in a pinch.

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C to the J

World of Artificial Barriers!

But seriously, this is why I stopped playing during WoD. Now you’re almost twice the level of when you first learned how to fly but you can’t because magic, or is it the weird sun again, or really cold? It makes no sense to continue having to learn how to fly.

If you really want to know that you can’t just fly away to safety all you have to do is take all your flying mounts off your hotbars. There’s no need to diminish everyone’s game.