The Newest Kotaku Podcast Is Oscar Mike On iTunes, Zune & More

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 producer Gordon Van Dyke joined our illustrious hosts, Brian Crecente and Stephen Totilo, in yesterday's episode of Kotaku Talk Radio to talk about DICE's latest video game... and, oh, so much more.


The good news, should you have missed the rare opportunity to call in live and speak with Mr. Van Dyke over the telephone, is that you can download that episode of Kotaku Talk Radio right now from the server of your choice to the audio player of your choice.

Topics of conversation include Tottilo's hatred of trees, Viking ships (or not), the story of Bad Company 2, comparisons to Modern Warfare 2 and the recent hubbub surrounding competitor Infinity Ward.

Hosts: Brian Crecente, Stephen Totilo
Guest: Gordon Van Dyke
Ranter: Owen Good

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