Illustration for article titled emThe New York Times/em Offers Two Round-Ups, But Doesnt Name a Game of the Year (Yet)

The end of 2011 brings with it an implicit deadline for those inescapable year-end wrap-ups. Yet, the Paper of Record doesn't really pony up a traditional countdown-to-the-best list.

Instead, New York Times video game critic Seth Schiesel has written two pieces that catalog the games that caught his fancy in 2011. The first article runs down the most standout experiences that Schiesel had with this year's crop of games, mentioning L.A. Noire and iOS game Shadow Cities.


The second piece comes a bit closer to other outlets' GOTY lists and details 2011 titles that deserved more attention. El Shaddai, Dark Souls and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are among the six titles included in the article. 2011's over this Saturday night so there might still be another games wrap-up article on the way. What say you, dear readers? Should The New York Times have pinned down one game to rule them all in 2011? Or does this end-of-year coverage satisfy your GOTY needs?

Virtual Realms That Merit More Visits [The New York Times]

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