The New Wolfenstein's Main Menu Sure Looks Familiar

Nazi on the ground, shirtless B.J. Blazkowicz’s boot on his chest—where have we seen this before? How about wherever fine PC games were sold back in 1992?

He’s a little leaner, a lot less mullet-y and his facial expression no longer suggests he’s passing gas, but B.J.’s Nazi-kicking form hasn’t changed all that much over the past 23 years, as seen in this DOS box art from MobyGames.


It was a simpler time back then. A time when 640K of RAM and a 286 were enough to deliver a mind-blowing first-person experience. A time when soldiers tied random strips of cloth to their wrists. A time when you weren’t cool unless your hair was tickling the nape of your neck.


We’re just getting started playing through Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but from the get-go MachineGames is showing off its deep love for the franchise. We’ll have more as our Nazi-slaying adventure continues.

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