The New Ready Player One Trailer Is Filled With Video Game, Anime, And Comic Book Characters

Illustration for article titled The New iReady Player One/i Trailer Is Filled With Video Game, Anime, And Comic Book Charactersem/em

The first Ready Player One preview had loads of cameos and pop culture references, so it’s no surprise that the latest one does, too.


As previously pointed out, the new trailer features Chun-Li and Overwatch’s Tracer. There are also other cameos, with characters from games, anime, comics and more showing up.

Let’s have a look!


Expect endless cameos and pop culture nods in the final film.

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I don’t get the hype behind this movie - The book was bad - Like real bad. I’ll admit I liked about the first 1/4th of it, there felt like there was some real development going on and interesting plots being built up trying to find the first key. . .But after that point?. . .It all fell to shit.

The entire book’s plot device was “but all treasure hunters mastered this particular skill years ago so the puzzle was easy”. . Literally every time a challenge was presented this was what was said.

The book would have been served better as a trilogy or a 4 book series with more care taken to build up the premise and plot and add some actual development and tension.