How pretty can a Pac-Man game be? Let Pac-Man Championship Edition DX show you, a game that's dripping with sleepy ghosts, new ways to play a very old game and more visual style than you can shake a stick at.

Actually, don't threaten Pac-Man CE DX with that stick. It's too lovely to threaten with a stick-beating. See? Today Namco is showing the myriad visual settings that players can choose from when they play the next potentially great Pac-Man game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, also offering a look at the new courses in the follow up to 2007's Pac-Man Championship Edition.

Whether you prefer your Pac-Man pixelated in neon or soft and round in the Pac-Mania style, you're going to like the way this game looks.

Still no date from Namco, sadly. But pretty pictures will help pass the time.