The New Neo Geo Handheld Seems Long and Clicky

Here's our first look at the new Neo Geo X Gold handheld in action, courtesy of Japanese game mag Famitsu. Out in December, it looks...well, is that my eyes, or is the machine stretching the original 4:3 visuals to fit a 16:9 screen?


It damn well better not be.

Aside from that, the buttons sound nice and clicky (I like my buttons to click instead of "mash"), and that giant thumbstick looks to be doing a good enough job considering this a fighting game.


UPDATE - Actually, on closer inspection that seems to be the thumbstick making the clicking? That's weird, That's totally understandable, actually, since previous Neo Geo systems have done the same thing (thanks Shinta!)

NEOGEO Xプレイ動画 [Famitsu, via Tiny Cartridge]

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Have people seriously STILL not figured out that for $200 you get a the handheld docking station which serves as a console so you can hook it up to a TV/Moniter and enjoy your games on a big screen, PLUS it comes with an arcade stick? The handheld itself is $129, about as much as a 3DS, and I'd rather play some Neo-Geo arcade classics than some shitty gimmicky 3D touch screen games.