With Lost Planet 2 coming out next month, Capcom is in a giving mood, prepared to donate up to $25,000 to Music for Relief if PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners download the new Lost Planet 2 demo.

Music for Relief is a charity set up by the band Linkin Park (them again?) to help deliver relief to victims of natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year. Capcom would like to donate $25,000 to the cause, but you guys are going to have to work for it.


First, Capcom is setting aside $20,000 for the first one million downloads of the new Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo, available right now to members of the Capcom community who've signed up for early access.

Once the demo surpasses one million downloads between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Capcom will donate an additional $5000 should the count reach 1.5 million.

Everything will come to a head at the May 6th Lost Planet 2 launch party/celebrity tournament in Los Angeles, where the winning team gets to choose which Music for Relief cause the donation goes towards.

It sounds quite complicated, but it really isn't. Just download the demo when it becomes available between now and May 5. Then your job is done, and you can commence with the warm fuzzies.


Lost Planet 2 - Kill Big for Charity [Capcom Blog]

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