The New, Hip Way To Eat Ramen: With Your Beard

Some folk like to joke about how beards come in handy when it comes to food, as facial hair can act as storage (eww, I know)...but this is something else entirely. Incredibeard isn't using his beard for storage, but as a bowl.


That's not all. There's also footage of this dude using his beard to eat fast food, hands free. Really:

I think I'll stick to utensils, not that I have much of a choice I guess. You can follow Incredibeard on Instagram here, where you can find a variety of wild beard styles he's sported in the past.


(Via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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Beards are starting to get overplayed about as much as bacon. I get it: you have a beard, you like your beard, other people like your beard, vikings, etc. Sometimes I even wear a (neck) beard, but it's just a beard to me. Or more of a form of laziness on my part; not so much the case with these guys.

I have a friend who isn't the most fun to hang around for more than fifteen minutes or so, and he has a massive, contest winning beard. It's magnificent really. He has a genuinely impressive beard. But he lets it define him as a person, and I think it's because he's kind of a dick and is sad on the inside. He wears beard shirts, follow beard blogs, etc.

Why is everyone so obsessed with beards?