The New Driftboard Is Breaking Fortnite Save The World [Update]

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Recently, Epic Games added a new driftboard into Fortnite. This hoverboard allows Battle Royale players to quickly move around the map and pull off tricks in the air. However, in Save The World the new board is breaking the game in a few different and annoying ways.

The Driftboard was added in update 7.40 and is available in both modes, Battle Royale and Save The World. This isn’t always the case with new content in Fortnite. For example, the planes added in Battle Royale haven’t appeared in Save The World. (Though players did find a menu option related to planes in Save The World.) But many players aren’t happy about these new hoverboards coming to STW because they are breaking the mode and causing a lot of frustration.

One of the biggest and most annoying bugs is the way Driftboards can randomly shoot players off across the map. This can happen if players attack the board before getting on it or if a player is hit by an in-game enemy while riding the board. Sometimes the hoverboard reacts by flinging the rider into the sky.

Gif: _toastedcat_ (Reddit)

While the slingshot bug might be the most dramatic glitch, the Driftboard is broken in a bunch of other ways in Save The World.

Players have discovered that the board will cause AI turrets to stop working properly, can block players from accessing Storm Chests and can be abused by players to get around going AFK. A player can just stand on a board and the game never flags them as AFK, which allows players to exploit others who are playing and completing missions.

Fans feel like adding the Driftboard to Save The World was a bad idea and that the board needs to be removed or fixed. And the funny thing is, Save The World players already had access to a hoverboard that worked fine and didn’t break the game. The new Driftboard isn’t even that much faster than the old board.


Luckily, to avoid most of these issues players can just never hop onto any of the Driftboards that spawn in STW maps. Considering how buggy they seem to be right now, that’s probably the best strategy.

Update (6:33 PM EST)

Epic Games has confirmed that Driftboards have been disabled in Save The World. No word on if they will return or if they are gone forever from the mode.


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