The New Dragon Ball Z Game Doesn't Look So Hot

Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out in a couple of months, and based on the latest trailer from Jump Festa, doesn't look so great. And you know what? Being the trash fan that I am, I still want to play it.

Such are the woes of fandom. But seriously though. Maybe this trailer is just putting the game in the wrong light? It kind of goes on for way longer than it should. Then again, you could say that about the show.


I'm hopeful that maybe the game will turn out to be good. The story is certainly wild enough that it could be interesting—you're dealing with time travel, and you're changing the way big events in the anime/manga went down. At the same time, having that stand-in character magically be there during all these pivotal moments is also silly. I don't know what to think.

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