The New Doom's Multiplayer Looks Just Like Unreal

Arena shooters are back, if the new DOOM is any indication. It looks pretty great, too—today’s new trailer showcases the shotguns, sniper rifles, and demon transformations that’ll take centerstage in DOOM’s multiplayer modes.


The road to this new DOOM has been rocky, to put things mildly, so it’ll be fascinating to see how the game turns out when it hits PC/PS4/XB1 on May 13. They’re holding a closed beta from March 31 to April 3—which will finally include those of us who bought Wolfenstein—so we’ll finally be able to play the game then.

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Dinky Earnshaw

In the highly competitive market for multiplayer FPS games, I don’t really see this lasting very long. It’s one of the toughest genres to retain a decent player base size among the heavy hitters. Rainbow 6 Siege is doing okay, while Battlefront is really dwindling. From my Overwatch beta experience, I can see it being popular for a long time.