The New Doom Board Game Looks Hot

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There was a Doom board game released in 2004. This isn’t it. This one is brand new.


Made by the same company (Fantasy Flight) behind the original, 2016's Doom is based on the look of the new game, and is modelled a lot more closely on Fantasy Flight’s Imperial Assault (right down to the games sharing a designer). With Imperial Assault being awesome, this is good news.


Like IA (and Descent), Doom is a co-op tactical strategy game (think XCOM), where teams of 2-4 play as the marines as they engage in turn-based battle with another player, who takes control of all the forces of hell.

Illustration for article titled The New iDoom /iBoard Game Looks Hot

While having 2-4 marines running around isn’t very Doom, this game is making other nods to id’s latest, like bringing over the melee execution system.

Most promising, like most FF games these days, are the miniatures, with the base game shipping with 37 characters (4 marines, 33 demons) that look very, very good.


It’ll be out at the end of the year. I’ll hopefully have a review of it up not long after.

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Looks pretty cool but, I’m not gonna lie, between Imperial Assault and Descent 2'nd ed. and their myriad expansions, I’m already up to my eyeballs in FF goodness. I’ve barely scratched the surface of those two.

I think I may have reached peak boardgame saturation.