As the star of ZeptoLab's incredibly popular Cut the Rope series, the adorable Om Nom has eaten all the candy he possibly can without temporal physics coming into play, and so, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is born on iOS and Android.

I was wondering how long ZeptoLab would keep up with those free Cut the Rope updates before rolling out a new title, and here we are. Cut the Rope: Time Travel sees Om Nom sucked into a temporal vortex and swept through time, eating candy with his ancestors from the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and several other ancient places filled with candy, ropes, and physics.


The new release also signals the start of ten new episodes of the Om Nom Adventures animated series, focusing on the little guy's travels through the chronosphere.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android, including Kindle and Nook, my two favorite hobbits.