So Sony have announced yet another PS3 model. The 80GB "Core" console. And while it seems a ludicrous thing to do, given the negative reaction to their previous multi-SKU strategy, in this case it makes sense. Because it appears that this will be the one, the only PS3. By entering at 80GB, it confirms any lingering doubts that the existing 80GB model - the one with backwards compatibility (which this console, with all the "features and functionality of the 40GB model", doesn't appear to feature) - is on its last legs. Also, by entering the market at $399, failing to announce a price cut for the existing model (which, remember, Sony aren't keen on) and calling the 40GB its "predecessor" in the press release, it's obviously the smaller units replacement. So after all the confusion, all the whining, all the complaints, by September (when this model is due to hit the market) it looks like consumers will have only one PS3 model to "choose" from. For now, anyways.


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