The Mystery of What Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC Hides Underwater

The Commonwealth has been thoroughly mapped by intrepid adventurers already, but with the new DLC, Fallout 4 players now have an entirely new landmass to mine and explore.

And, just like last time, players are particularly curious about what Bethesda did with its water in the DLC, especially given that Far Harbor is so ocean-centric already. So one player in particular, Lavon Smith, got to work. Smith spent over 30 hours exploring underwater in Far Harbor, and his efforts have turned up a number of secrets, easter eggs, and of course, many ridiculous skeletons.


Smith has chronicled his entire adventure over on imgur, but here’s a taste of what he found along the way. Note that some of the images are from the PC version of the game, where Smith was able to turn off the water entirely—thus allowing him to get a closer look at a lot of things.

A group of gnomes, which overlook a net of skeletons (pictured below.)
The implication here being, these people were murdered...and then posed for the amusement of the gnomes??
Players were obsessed with the idea of a ‘ghoul whale’ back when Fallout 4 was originally released, and these new skeletons are the closest confirmation we have that such a thing exists. Look at the tusks on that thing!
Bethesda sure loves their creepy mannequins.
I’m telling you.
Don’t cross this aqua teddy.
Jack and Rose, giving us some ~environmental storytelling~

But, if you’re just looking for loot, Smith created a map with points of interest, which you can find here. Happy hunting!


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