The 'Mother 4' Fan Game Is Now Called Oddity, Still Looks Amazing

Illustration for article titled The Mother 4 Fan Game Is Now Called iOddity,/i Still Looks Amazing

The Mother 4 fan game that I was hoping to play in the winter of 2014 and stopped being a Mother 4 fan game in 2017 has finally announced its new title: Oddity.

At the beginning of the last decade, I, an EarthBound fan starved for content, stumbled upon an incredibly professional looking fan-made sequel called Mother 4. Since then I have patiently awaited its release, drooling over the detailed pixel art that the team has released here and there. I have been waiting for so long that now Mother 4 is officially its own thing—a clearly Mother 3-inspired RPG called Oddity. One thing that’s remained constant throughout all this waiting is that this game looks beautiful, as you can see in this new trailer.

Although Oddity is officially not related to Mother in any capacity, the influence is clear in both the character design and the scant footage of how combat will work. That said, this game looks very charming on its own merits. I especially like how they’ve introduced the new characters, especially Leo, who looks like a lovable scamp.


Oddity has a new release date of “when it’s ready,” which given how long I’ve waited seems par for the course. Maybe I’ll get a chance to play this lovely-looking game in 2030.

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This is good! My biggest issue with fan games, is that ALOT of them are so complex and full of original content, but they’ve dedicated themselves to only being fan games. Which also puts them at risk at being taken down the second they gain traction.

I get the fear of losing that easy boost of attention by attaching oneself to something already popular. But there’s just way more freedom when your game is “inspired by” with the freedom to be it’s own thing.