The Most Realistic Fighting Game, In A Manner Of Speaking

I believe that Double Fine's latest venture into indie publishing, Gang Beasts, is one of the most realistic depictions of combat ever seen in a game. This is because 90 percent of fights are sloppy, awkward affairs where all involved fall down and give each other angry hugs.

Gang Beasts is a local multiplayer game where up to eight blobby marshmallow men desperately flail and grapple onto everything in sight in hope of dragging each other to inauspicious demises. "Here lies Blob Smith," one's tombstone might read. "He kind of lackadaisically tripped over a guard rail. Or maybe he was pushed? I mean, we saw him get pushed, but we cannot in good conscience call that a push because it's insulting to all other pushes the world over."


Levels range from industrial fire pits to rooms that are basically made of saw blades. OK, maybe it's not that realistic.

It is, in all seriousness, really fun if you have a couple friends around. It's basically Drunken Idiot Brawl: The Video Game. There's nothing else quite like it, that's for sure.

Gang Beasts is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99. There's not a whole lot of meat on its gelatinous bones just yet—only local multiplayer—but the final game will include a single-player/co-op story mode and AI enemies as well.

Think you'll give it a go? Or are you gonna wait until it emerges from Early Access stronger faster better at falling down hilariously in a whole host of unique and exciting ways?

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