Ironically, the DC New 52 re-boot of geopolitical activist superhero team Stormwatch reminds me of 1970s Marvel Comics. That's a good thing. For six issues, rising star Paul Cornell's given readers a team of squabbling metahumans operating in secret and going on grand-scale earth-saving missions. So far, several members think they should be leader and there's been a unexpected betrayal that's thrown team cohesion into disarray. Sounds like classic Avengers or Defenders arcs of old, right?

And while Cornell's no longer writing the book, the character dynamics seem to be in good hands with new writer Paul Jenkins. Jenkins spent a chunk of time over the last ten years as a Marvel stalwart and showed skill at plotting out psychologically-driven superheroics as seen in his Inhumans and Sentry projects. The chatter and character beats in these pages seem to point at a good start for Jenkins' run. Click each page for a larger version.



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