The Most Magically Melodious Dark Souls Ragequit Of All Time

Dark Souls is a phenomenally difficult, often frustrating game. I'm sure that many of the people who have played it have given up at some point, unable to deal with the constant punishment the game puts players through. And when they did so, they probably just paused, looked down at their controller, said "Fuck this noise," and went to the store to pick up Arkham City.

But not Joystiq's Justin McElroy. When Justin quits a game, he quits a game, apparently with as much style as possible. In this case, its a musical tribute to the game's Anor Londo region set to "Desperado" by The Eagles (Owen had to tell me that, because I hate the Eagles), which he published on his own blog. It's full of salty language, quality rhymes and hilarious photoshopping.

Anor Londo
Why are you such a cocksucker?
Top to bottom motherfucker?
And not much fun?


Oh, you're a hard one
you'll see this grown adult crying
and if I keep on dying
me and Dark Souls are done.

Thanks, Justin, for making video game frustration just a little but more musical. And hilarious.

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it's cute - he thought those Giant Knights were bad? Really?! That's one of the easier late-game guys to go up against.

So cute - when a "HARDCORE" Coretard gamer sucks at a game, it's the game's fault and they they "should" go play a "real hardcore" game like Arkham City...pfffft.