The Most Fearsome Beasts In Red Dead Redemption 2 Are The Deer

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The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with dangerous creatures. You can find alligators, cougars, wolves and more that will kill and eat anyone who gets too close. But many players are discovering the most dangerous animal in the game isn’t one of these carnivores, but instead something surprising: Deer.


Across social media, Reddit and Youtube, players are sharing videos and stories of these antler-wielding terrors. Many times the attacks are sudden and totally surprising. Arthur Morgan is just minding his own business, when suddenly a big deer barrels into him head first.

Many players are sharing similar clips of these deadly hooved missiles.

Gif: YouTube

The deer don’t care about conversations or quests. They have one goal: destroy humans. Not just the main player character, Arthur, but all humans.

Gif: Reddit

Some deer might have more complicated agendas, as evidenced by some videos where they seem to be helping humans. In one case a player shared a video clip of a deer chasing down their witness, saving them the hassle of having to actually catch up to them.

In another video, the player is carrying a woman when a deer attacks. Maybe the deer thought he was stopping a kidnapping. Or maybe he wasn’t trying to help at all and just saw an easy way to attack two humans at once.

Deer are relentless. They will chase their victims for as long as they need to.

Gif: Reddit

And be careful when near cliffs. Some of these deadly deer are using gravity to help destroy players.


So, the next time you go out into the woods of Red Dead Redemption 2, be careful of not only wolves or bears, but of the majestic deer. They might just ram you into a tree or slam you off a cliff.

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This, then, is the true mark of realism in RDR 2.

We have deer that roam through the development I live in. Every now and then, one of them (usually a buck, though I’ve seen it in does, too) will get a burr up their butt and decide they want to fuck with a pedestrian (we’re a walking community, so there are often people out with their dogs/kids/etc).

This usually ends in a mock charge and some grunting—but occasionally, one of the benighted bastards will commit to the charge, and has to be driven off by either loud noise or main force.

Glad to see Rockstar isn’t shying away from the fact that deer are assholes with excellent PR departments that are still milking the success of Bambi.

Fuck deer.