The Most Expensive Things You Can Buy On Steam

Image credit: Luke Plunkett.
Image credit: Luke Plunkett.

Allow me to posit for you a hypothetical scenario: you’ve just come into a large sum of money, perhaps because a wealthy relative passed away, or maybe because there was a great societal upheaval, and you ate a rich person. Regardless, you can afford to splurge a little. Here are some options.


The single most expensive product on Steam: Strata Spaces VR—Professional Edition Upgrade will run you $995.00. It’s an application that lets modelers and designers craft locations in virtual reality. In other words, unless you’re a modeler or designer, it’s probably not really for you.

The most expensive microtransaction on Steam: A package containing 15,400 of EVE Online’s “PLEX” currency will leave your wallet $500 lighter. You’ll probably then immediately get swindled out of your newfound spacebucks by a machiavellian trickster who’s spent the past half-decade plotting your downfall.

The most expensive game bundle on Steam: Rebellion Anthology, which contains dozens of games (and DLC packs) like Sniper Elite and Evil Genius, normally goes for $463.51. However, it’s currently on sale at 30 percent off, so probably jump on that if you have a few hundred dollars lying around and need several games about using X-ray vision to watch bullets pass through men’s testicles.

The most expensive custom character on Steam: RimWorld’s Pirate King upgrade costs $370. It lets you enter a character into the game with their own name, backstory, skills, appearance, and special work requirements. This character will apparently appear as the leader of an in-game faction not just in your game, but other people’s as well.

The most expensive art book on Steam: Star Story: The Horizon Escape’s art book PDF will set you back $200. That might strike you as madness, but it’s for superfans who want to support the game’s developer. Still, though... $200? Really?

The most expensive community market item on Steam: This one’s a bit trickier, because the community market is in a state of constant fluctuation. Generally, though, the most expensive items in games like DOTA 2 and CSGO start at around $1,800.


(Update: It’s been brought to my attention that Train Simulator has an endless cascade of DLC that, if placed in a straight line, could itself be used as a train track that would wrap around the earth’s circumference multiple times over. So...)

The most expensive DLC (if you buy it all at once) on Steam: Train Simulator’s DLC, which you will not be surprised to learn includes a fuckload of trains, costs a grand total of $4,207.42. Yes. For real.


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Lee Yancy

“You’ll probably then immediately get swindled out of your newfound spacebucks by a machiavellian trickster who’s spent the past half-decade plotting your downfall.”

Don’t tell them, that ruins the surprise!