One of the most hilariously clumsy things you can do in Super Smash Bros. is walk off the stage by accident. Or jump off. Or "Flare Blitz" off if you're Charizard. We've all been there. But it's particularly embarrassing when you trip and fall in the most Smash Bros. way possible during a tournament match.


One Smash Bros. competitor who goes by the handle "Guy" got a funny lesson in when to stand still and wait for a fight to officially end during a tournament hosted in Baltimore, Maryland earlier this month. He was playing as Duck Hunt, facing off against another player named "Pink Fresh," who was Pit.

You can watch the whole thing in the video above, but let me break down the relevant part of the first game. Pink Fresh seemed have the upper hand at the beginning of the match, but Guy's Duck Hunt proved surprisingly resilient—making it to 173% damage and killing Pit once before he got knocked off the stage to his death. At that point, Pit was already at 81% damage and only had one life left, so it seemed like Guy's victory was all but a done deal. He certainly had the upper hand—the commentators noted that he was the one controlling the stage, knocking Pit to either side whenever he tried to get firmer footing.


After an increasingly tense minute and a half, Guy swung Duck Hunt onto the ledge on the left side of a map, dropped a can on the ground with one of his special moves, and then kicked it at Pink Fresh. His damage already at 171%, Pit was sent flying and smacked into the screen. And then, right in the heat of his victorious moment, Duck Hunt goes and...runs straight off of the right side of the stage, falling to his death. This is around the 3:20 mark on the video.

What makes this unfortunate Smash stumble so funny is that Duck Hunt's fall-from-grace happens so quickly that the commentators don't even realize that Guy just lost the match until the screen switched over to the endgame results. And there he was, clapping as happily as ever, in second place.

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"Wait I thought Pink Fresh died...Pink Fresh won?" One of the commentators asked.


"You killed yourself?" Another jumped in, sounding incredibly amused. "Guy you are the worst."

"We believed that Guy had won the match," the first commentator announced. "But, apparently, as Pink Fresh was dying, Guy killed himself. So apparently us giving Guy enough credit to just sit this out on the stage, and secure game one victory? Nah, that was a mistake."


"Guy might have just thrown this tournament away," he continued. "Oh my goodness. How hard is it to just stay on the stage and get your money?"

Falling of a stage in Super Smash Bros., either intentionally or by accident, is nothing new of course. Doing so has become such a common practice over the years and various Smash generations that it's come to be known as "self destruct" move, or "SD" for short. Self destructing on purpose can even be used as a taunt when playing online. But more than anything else, it's something that happens in moments like the one between Guy and Pink Fresh: when a group of friends (or friendly competitors) are playing, and one has to endure a few minutes of merciless teasing before someone else goes and does something even more stupid.


For his part, Guy was a great sport about it. He doesn't contest the results, even though it really seems like he won the match but for his last-minute stumble. The video shows him smiling before breaking into laughter as the commentators continue to tease him. I don't know about you, but I probably would've handled things a tad less...gracefully. As one person put it on Reddit: "oh my god... i would have cried."

Sadly, Guy went on to lose the next game against Pink Fresh. He was was a little less amused at the end of that one.


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