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"Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi" ("The Bridge over the Starry Sky") was originally slated for release on December 11, 2009. Then it was delayed. A whole bunch.


The next release date for the 18-years-old-and-up adult adventure game was penciled in for February 26, 2010. The release slipped to April 23. And that turned to May 28, which then turned to June 25. That became July 30, and that became August 27.

Each time the game's developer, Feng, apologized for any inconvenience the delay had for retailers as well as players. In its statement for the August 27 release, Feng wrote that it was at the "end of the final stages" and putting all its effort in getting the PC game out in time.


The Bridge over the Starry Sky was of course delayed. (Of course!) The new release date was September 24. The company once again apologized for the frequent delays, stating, "We were aiming for the September 24 release date, but were unable to put the game on sale." A new date was set: September 30. And that was changed to October 15 due to debugging and, well, finishing up the game.

On October 4, the studio revealed that The Bridge over the Starry Sky has gone gold. The next day it announced that hell had frozen over. Kidding!

The news that the game has actually gone gold should mean that the game, which has been delayed nine times, will be out this October. It should.

One of the reasons for the game's incessant delays could be the fact that it uses binaural recording. It is the first erotic game to do so.


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