Stealing from Utada Hikaru is not cool. But, I guess, if you are going to do it, then dammit, be incredibly obvious like one Korean singer was. Obvious is funny!

Back in March 1999, Utada Hikaru released her debut album First Love. It was a smash hit, selling over ten million copies worldwide and spawning hits like "Automatic" (GIF from the video, above). In September 1999, South Korean singer Jo Sung Mo released his album For Your Soul. It sold two million copies.

As various Korean sites have recently pointed out, For Your Soul's album art looks surprisingly similar to Utada Hikaru's debut CD. Let's have a look:



Utada Hikaru's debut was popular throughout Asia, so unless this is the greatest album art kwinky-dink ever, perhaps Jo Sung Mo's record company thought that if it designed something that looked like First Love, his CD would sell more copies?

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