The Most Beloved Final Fantasy Is Headed To The PlayStation Network

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Soon all the Final Fantasy anyone could ever need will be found on the PlayStation Network, as Square Enix releases Final Fantasy VI on the Japanese PSN. Between VI and IX, that's all the FF anyone needs.


Why do people love Final Fantasy VI, or Final Fantasy III as it was known in the states? Because it nailed every aspect of why we love Final Fantasy as a whole. The compelling characters, one of the greatest video game villains of all time, the rich, emotional story; Final Fantasy VI has just about everything.

Everything except Vivi, which is why IX is still my personal favorite.

Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy on the Japanese PlayStation Network on April 20. Judging by videos of the game that have been posted to the Square Enix Members Japanese Twitter, this will be the version of Final Fantasy VI that came in Final Fantasy Anthology for the original PlayStation; essentially the original game with a few cut scenes tossed in.


When will it hit North America? Eventually, surely. Sometime after Final Fantasy V hits North America, most likely.

Final Fantasy VI Coming to PSN [IGN]

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I've been reading the comments and getting worried. Did ANYONE like FFVIII? I don't like to be the annoying "is it just me" guy but I do actually feel that way for the first time.