The Most Beautiful Atari 2600 Lamp Ever Created

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In the long and storied history of Atari 2600-themed lighting projects there have been countless interesting creations, but only one Atari 2600 lamp deserves to be called the Ultimate. This is that lamp.


Okay, so perhaps Atari 2600 lamps aren't all that readily available in the first place, but that surely doesn't steal away any of the awesome from this piece. Created by user Seamster, the lamp functions as both a giant, non-working replica of an Atari 2600 joystick on it's own, but take off the top, screw in a light bulb, add a box art-covered lampshade and hit the big red button - yes, the button is functional - and you have the fanciest lighting solution a gamer could ask for.

Hit the link for instructions on how you can go about hurting yourself while trying to replicate what Seamster did.


Giant Atari Joystick Lamp [ - Thanks Tony!]

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